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    2020-12-08 15:36:22

    Standardization Administration of China (http://www.sac.gov.cn) issued the National standard GB/T29790-2013 Requirements for Real-time Testing Quality and Capability, which was formally implemented on February 1, 2014.

    Since the eighty s, with the scientific progress by leaps and bounds, the traditional laboratory medicine has realized the automation instrument development and popularization, though there's been a noticeable improvement in the quality and speed, but the automation instrument as a result of the analysis before and after analysis of many complex steps to spend a lot of time, you don't get inspection report in a short period of time, is still difficult to solve the weakness of traditional medicine are poor timeliness, namely already feedback to do a short time, and to do with complex technology and the measured results of large-scale test equipment.With the introduction of immunology and molecular biology technology, the POCT (PointOfCareTesting) technology arises at the historic moment, it began in the United States in 2000, clinical chemistry (AACC) committee meeting in Dusseldorf in 2003 international hospital and medical equipment fair also added a technical report and live demonstration - POCT, the beginning of a concept of POCT internationally recognized and become the highest growth rates in the inspection of medical equipment projects.POCT is new model and new field in the development of laboratory medicine, thanks to its rapid development in today's high technology and new technology development and the comprehensive application of also complied with the current efficient fast-paced society operation mode, meet the needs of physicians and patients in time, can make patients get the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible, also brought opportunities to the traditional medical model.POCT in portable instruments and reagents in minutes report results, can bring convenient, timely diagnosis and treatment for the patient with its miniaturization experimental technology, convenient operation, real-time test results report etc, favored by the doctors and patients, the current in laboratory medicine appeared large automation instrument and the new trend of developing the small POCT poles.

    In 2004, THE concept and technology of POCT was introduced to China, and in 2005, Professor Xu Shuxiang, an expert in the field inspection of China, translated POCT into "instant test" for the first time in China.In 2006, Instant Test, the first POCT monograph in China, edited by Zhao Weiguo and published by Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House, caused a great response in China's inspection industry.In order to promote the popularity and development of POCT in China, the Chinese Medical Association Laboratory Branch has held three POCT summit forums since 2006, and POCT has taken root like bamboo shoots after a spring spring.Since 2007, various provincial and municipal medical associations and clinical examination centers have hosted various POCT symposia.With the introduction of immune response and molecular biological technology, the use of POCT more convenient, testing and application of broader, from the initial testing blood sugar, pregnancy, extended to monitor blood coagulation state, myocardial injury, acid-base balance, infectious diseases and drug concentration (TDM), the use of places, from the scene of the accident, the family, extended to ward, outpatient service, emergency treatment, care, community health centres, operating room, and even the customs, private clinics, from clinical application field has been extended to the food hygiene, environmental protection, anti-drug, forensic.Since then, many Chinese translations of POCT have appeared in China, such as:Bedsidetesting, near-patienttesting, physiciansofficetesting, hometesting, extra-laboratorytesting, as well as off-side testing,Ancillaryandalternativesitetesting (non) fixed-point, auxiliary, change detection, real-time inspection, etc., with the continuous development of POCT field, these nouns have not summarized the meaning of POCT.The original intention of developing this technology is, from a comprehensive view of its many characteristics, the most fundamental is to eliminate the need for complex specimen preprocessing procedures, conduct analysis immediately on the sampling site, and get the test results quickly. Therefore, it is not only fast but also on-site analysis, which cannot be achieved by other testing methods.Although there are many names, none of them can fully and correctly describe the connotation of this technology, which leads to the long absence of standard Chinese translated names of POCT in China.

    The national standard for the name POCT issued by the Standardization Administration of China gives POCT a brand new and correct name -- instant detection.The publication of this article announces the end of the dispute over the name of POCT, and puts forward clear requirements for the quality assurance capability of POCT products.